recs: my favourite sapphic novels

Happy June!

As it’s pride month, and because I recently just read a brilliant sapphic novel, I thought it would be fun to share my favourite sapphic reads for anyone looking for recs!


Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating
by Adiba Jaigirdar

summary: When Hani comes out to her friends as bisexual, they invalidate her identity, saying she can’t be bi if she’s only dated guys. Panicked, Hani blurts out that she’s in a relationship…with a girl her friends absolutely hate— Ishu Dey. Ishu is the complete opposite of Hani, but agrees to help Hani, in hopes it will help her become popular and improve her chances of becoming head girl. Despite their mutually beneficial pact, they start developing real feelings for each other. But relationships are complicated, and some people will do anything to stop two Bengali girls from achieving happily ever after.

💖 reasons to read: 💖

This book is just so! cute! I adored the fake dating tropes, grumpy/sunshine trope, and dual povs (because you get to watch the pining on both sides) and this was the perfect combo. It also covered biphobia and toxic friendships, some really important topics that were handled so well, and had such sweet moments to balance out all the difficult parts.

this is how you lose the time war
by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone

summary: Among the ashes of a dying world, an agent of the Commandant finds a letter. It reads: Burn before reading. Thus begins an unlikely correspondence between two rival agents hellbent on securing the best possible future for their warring factions. Now, what began as a taunt, a battlefield boast, grows into something more. Something epic. Something romantic. Something that could change the past and the future.

Except the discovery of their bond would mean death for each of them. There’s still a war going on, after all. And someone has to win that war.

💖 reasons to read: 💖

The prose for this is just splendid; it’s so beautiful and I’ve highlighted so many quotes because I love them so much. It really emphasises the slowburn romance in this, as the characters Blue and Red leave wonderfully written letters to each other and slowly fall in love. And don’t get me started on how fun the enemies to lovers aspect of it is – I adored how the mocking turned into sweet nothings in their letters to each other. It’s a great epistolary sc-fi novel that I can’t recommend enough.

The Space Between Worlds
by Micaiah Johnson

summary: On Earth Zero, they have finally figured out multiverse traveling – with one catch: no one can visit a world where their counterpart is still alive. Enter Cara, whose 372 counterparts are all gone.

Cara’s job as a traveser lets her live within the city and away from the wastelands, her hometown. Her day consists of working, flirting with her handler Dell, and keeping her head down until she gains citizenship. But, trouble finds Cara when one of her 8 remaining doppelgängers dies under mysterious circumstances, plunging her into a new world with an old secret. What she discovers will connect her past and her future in ways she could have never imagined—and reveal her own role in a plot that endangers not just her world, but the entire multiverse.

💖 reasons to read: 💖

A new favourite of mine, Space Between Worlds blew me away with the fascinating story wrapped into this sci-fi dystopian world. Cara’s job involves her travelling to different dimensions, each one slightly different than her own. It provides a wonderful commentary on race and class, and touches on the Otherness that many people of colour experience as they feel like they are between worlds in their everyday life. The romance is not at the forefront, but weaved in and wonderfully written

This Poison Heart
by Kalynn Bayron

summary: Briseis has never been able to control her magical ability of influencing plants, no matter how much she tries. It’s why she is so eager to move into the dilapidated estate her aunt willed to her – hopefully here, surrounded by plants and flowers, Bri will finally learn to control her gift.

But their new home is sinister in ways they could never have imagined–it comes with a specific set of instructions, an old-school apothecary, and a walled garden filled with the deadliest botanicals in the world. There are a number of visitors, one of them being Marie, a mysterious young woman who is harbouring a secret about her history and this town. There is more to Bri’s sudden inheritance than she could have imagined, and she is determined to uncover it …

💖 reasons to read: 💖

Kalynn Bayron mixes mystery and magic wonderfully in This Poison Heart. The story focuses on Bri and her magical abilities that influence plants, and the suspicious house she has inherited from her biological aunt. The novel is a mystery with fantastical elements, both intertwined for such a fun story. It’s also got some really wonderful lesbian and bisexual rep too, as Bri’s mothers are happily in love, and Bri herself is bisexual. There’s just so much to the novel, and it’s an incredibly enjoyable read.

One Last Stop
by Casey Mcquiston

summary: 23-year-old August is not expecting a cinematic love story when she moves to New York City – she knows those don’t exist. In a city where she has to juggle school, waitressing, and weird roommates, she is determined to get through this alone, like she has her whole life. Until she meets Jane.

What starts as a hopeless crush on someone she met on the subway, turns into so much more when August discovers that Jane doesn’t just look like an old school punk rocker. She’s literally displaced in time from the 1970s, and August is going to have to use everything she tried to leave in her own past to help her. Maybe it’s time to start believing in some things, after all.

💖 reasons to read: 💖

Casey Mcquiston yet again created a wonderful romance novel that I can’t stop thinking about. I adored August, a messy young-adult who is so used to dealing with things on her own and has her walls up. It made it even more satisfying seeing her open her heart to her friends and to Jane. The found family aspect was so good, and the romance was superb. It’s also got a few sci-fi elements which are so fun, and overall is a lovely novel.


Thank you for reading!
If you have any recs yourself, please let me know!


21 thoughts on “recs: my favourite sapphic novels

  1. Great list, Saima! I haven’t read any of these yet, but you bet I’m interested in some of them! 🥰🤗 Particularly Hani & Ishu, which I feel like you guys have been pushing at me nonstop work weeks now 😂

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  2. AHHH why are almost all of these on my TBR AND WHY HAVENT I GOTTEN TO THEM YET?? And oooh I didn’t know this is how you lose the time war was a sapphic novel- NOW I HAVE TO READ IT IMMEDIATELY AKSKHSJS! And I’ve been meaning to read one last stop as well because I ADORED I kissed shara wheeler!!! Loved this plus AND YOUR GRAPHICS ARE SO PRETTY TOO AHHH😭😭💖💖💖💫💫


  3. i haven’t been to your blog in a while and it’s still stunning saima!! this is such a lovely list, i’ll be using it in the future💙

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  4. NO BUT I AM INSANELY OBSESSED WITH THIS POST AND ALL OF THE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE PERFECTION OKAY?!!! and omggg tysmmm for getting me even more excited to read the time war, I DESPERATELY NEED IT 😭😭


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