September Wrap-up [2022]

Happy October!

I hope the month has started off well for all of you, and that you had a lovely September! This post is a little late because I was unwell last week (what a lovely way to end the month /s) and was unable to post.

My September was mostly good! Like I said, the last week was tough because I was sick and felt unable to do anything, but overall it was fine. In terms of reading, I decided to reread a few books, and that truly helped with my reading slump. It was so nice diving into familiar worlds and reuniting with comfort characters, and it made reading other books so much easier too. I was able to read 7 books this September (3 rereads and 4 new reads). 


☆ re-reads ☆

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
This is my fourth time reading TRB all the way through (I’ve reread bits and pieces here and there before) but my first time annotating it. Instead of passively reading it, I annotated my favourite lines, tabbed my favourite themes, and revelled in all the foreshadowing I picked up. It was so fun and inspired this post on the reasons I loved The Raven Cycle. I still feel the same fondness for the book as I did 10 years ago when it was first released, so I think this will remain to be one of my comfort reads.

Call Down The Hawk & Mister Impossible by Maggie Stiefvater
With the final book in The Dreamer Trilogy being released soon (Oct 18th) I thought it best to reread the first two books to refamiliarize with the story. I wasn’t the biggest fan on the books the first time around, but I enjoyed it more in the reread. Knowing where the threads of plot were leading and knowing more about the characters made the story easier to follow. I loved the Jordan and Declan storylines (both together and separately) even more, and it makes me so excited to read the final book.

☆ non-fiction☆

They Were Her Property by Stephanie Jones-Rogers
This was such an informative read. I have been wanting to read this for ages and I’m so glad I finally did. Jones-Rogers did a great job in the writing – it did not glorify or sanitize history, and it did not pull any punches with discuss how complicit white women in America were in participating in the slave trade. It’s one I would definitely recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

☆ fantasy ☆

The Odyssey by Homer, translated by Emily Wilson
Honestly, trying to get through this book was an odyssey in itself.

Emily Wilson‘s translation is beautiful and makes the story so much easier to read in comparison to other translations, but I still struggled to get through the story due to the length and my lack of sympathy for Odysseus. I really enjoyed reading about his son, Telemachus, and the journey he undertook to find out what happened to his father; I also liked seeing the little parts of Penelope’s story, though this was far and few between in the whole 500+ page story. But, I’m glad I was finally able to read the story!

Midnight Library by Matt Haig
This was recommended by two of my friends, and I can see why they both enjoyed it so much. The novel started off slow, in my opinion, but I got really into it when I was 1/3 in. I loved the themes it delved into – grief and loss and regret – and thought it was overall a wonderfully uplifting story.

☆ mystery/thriller ☆

The Midnight Club by Christopher Pike
When I heard that there was going to be a Netflix adaption of this show, made by Mike Flanagan, I was super intrigued and wanted to read the original source material too. I think I set my expectations too high, because I was disappointed with the novel, but overall it was a good story. While it wasn’t scary (and I don’t think it should actually be categorised as horror), the story was more about loss and grief. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.



I posted 3 times in September, and I think my favourite post to make was the 6 reasons I loved the raven boys because it let me delve into the series and I felt so much nostalgia and love writing it.

In August I said that I was in a bit of a reading slump, so this September I decided to do a re-read of some Stiefvater books. It was so lovely to dip back into a familiar world, and it makes me even more emotional to say goodbye to these characters when the final book is released in two weeks.

September had a lot of good moments – my friend visited so we went to some museums, saw a play (Much Ado About Nothing – which was so good!), and hung out. I also did a lot more crocheting, and I finished this cute little strawberry bag! I’m hoping to do some more projects this year.

The end of September, and the beginning of October, has not been the best – I’m still struggling with migraines, so it’s hard being productive. I hope things settle down soon, because I have a lot of things to look forward to later this month!

I’m so excited for this October, because a lot of books I’m looking forward to are being released – e.g Greywaren and The Atlas Paradox – and I’m excited to watch the new Mike Flanagan show, The Midnight Club. I’m also planning to go visit a friend later this month, and take some much needed time off.


Thank you for reading!
Let me know what your October plans are!


20 thoughts on “September Wrap-up [2022]

  1. Wow, your strawberry bag is adorable! 🤩 I’ve never moved past knitting super simple scarfs, so I’m seriously impressed by your crocheting skills! And it looks like you had a great reading month! Our thoughts on The Midnight Library are nearly identical 😉
    Anyway, I hope October turns into a better month healthwise and that you continue to discover lots of great reads!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you’re feeling better now! I’m glad that you enjoyed The Midnight Library I also loved the themes 🥰 I’m excited about The Midnight Club adaptation, I think it’ll be much scarier than the book 😱 Also thank you so much for sharing my post ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great wrap-up but I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well and that the end of September was rough because of it. I still have to finish The Raven Cycle but I did enjoy the first book when I read it earlier this year. That strawberry bag you knitted is absolutely adorable! 😍 I wish I was half as talented, hehe! I hope you get better soon and that October ends up being an amazing month for you.


  4. I haven’t found the dreamer trilogy to be as good as the raven cycle, but I like that it is different. Plus Declan and Jordan and great characters I agree 😍
    Sorry to hear about the migraines, hope you are feeling better!!
    The museums sound so much fun, they are always a nice activity to do with someone!
    Hope you are having a great October so far 🧡 (and thank you so much for sharing my post 🥰)


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