ARC Review & Blog tour: Very Bad People

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Very Bad People!

recommended for: fans of dark academia novels, secret societies, and books like Truly Devious.

Very Bad People is a thrilling dark academia novel full of secret societies and family mysteries, and asks the important question: how far would you go for justice? [continue reading]

ARC Review: Bright Ruined Things

recommended for: fans of magical settings, historical fiction with a splash of fantasy, stories with family drama, and unique retellings

Bright Ruined Things is a brilliantly paced retelling of The Tempest, set in the 1920s on an island run by the infamous Prosper family. Mae has always lived on the island, but has never felt like she belonged there. During a night of mayhem and mischief, everything changes - it's a story that had me entranced the whole way through. [continue reading]

ARC Review: When You Get The Chance

recommended for: fans of showtunes, musicals, rivals to lovers, and cute contemporary novels.

When You Get The Chance is Emma Lord's third novel, and as expected it was one I immensely enjoyed reading. Full of fun antics and family drama, this novel is able to mix Mamma Mia levels of drama with sincere moments and an adorable romance. Altogether, this is a great contemporary that you don't want to miss. [continue reading]

ARC Review: Grimrose Girls

recommended for: fans of dark fairy tale retellings, dark academia

The Grimrose Girls is a thrilling novel about friendship and solving murders. Described as Descendants meets Pretty Little Liars, you can definitely see the influences of the two, but this story is still fresh in its retelling of classic fairy tales. The book is able to mix the dread from the original Grimm Tales, while also containing some wholesomeness as seen in Disney's take on them, making it the best balance of fun and fear.[continue reading]

ARC Review: Our Violent Ends

recommended for: everyone who's loved TVD, and loves a good retelling

Our Violent Ends is the eagerly awaited sequel that all fans of TVD have been waiting for, concluding the story of the Scarlets and White Flowers, and delivering as much enjoyment and heartbreak as the original Romeo and Juliet, if not more so.

please note: this review contains spoilers for the first book, These Violent Delights. [continue reading]

Review: True Crime Story

Recommended for: fans of mixed media and faux-interview style novels, mystery novels, and books like Sadie and I Hope You're Listening.

True Crime Story is an immersive fictional novel that follows writer Evelyn as she interviews the close friends and loved ones of missing person Zoe Nolan. The novel utilises an interview format, with a few emails and newspaper articles thrown in, to really engage the reader in the story.

For a story that sounds pretty simplistic, i.e a girl goes missing, her close ones realise they didn't know her as well as they thought, police can't figure out what happened, Knox is able to create a compelling narrative that had me so eager to follow to the very end. [continue reading]

Review: Wendy, Darling

Wendy, Darling explores the story of Wendy after she leaves Neverland and realises that it wasn't as picturesque as she originally thought. Suddenly she finds herself having to go back and confront her past when her daughter Jane is kidnapped by Peter and whisked away to Neverland. It's a novel with beautiful writing that puts a fascinating spin on an old classic in a refreshing way. [continue reading]