Review: When All The Girls Are Sleeping

recommended for: people who love solving mysteries, true life paranormal stories, and dark academia vibes.

When All The Girls Are Sleeping is an amazing mystery that takes place in a prestigious boarding school, full of intrigue and ominous vibes, and touches on just what it's like to be a lost teenage girl trying to find her way in life. This is possibly one of the most compelling mysteries I've read this year, made for fans of mysteries who love putting the pieces together. [continue reading]

Review: The Ghosts We Keep

The Ghosts We Keep is a moving and devastating story about our main character, Liam, dealing with the loss of their brother and all the things that come with grief and sadness from losing a loved one. The whole book is raw and genuine. Deaver says in the author's note that this is a personal story to them, and you can feel it on the page, in every moment of heartbreak, in every chapter. [continue reading]

ARC Review: Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating

I’ve been anticipating this book ever since it was announced, being a big fan of Adiba’s debut novel The Henna Wars, and it certainly lived up to my expectations! Hani and Ishu is a sweet coming-of-age novel about culture and sexuality and friendship and family, and I enjoyed every bit of it. [continue reading]

Review: The Atlas Six

For my first review on this blog I decided to go for one about a recent favourite of mine - The Atlas Six! I read this after it being highly recommended by a friend (shoutout to Bie!) and going in I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. TA6 is a brilliant novel focusing on six magical characters who are invited to be a part of the Alexandrian society, one that promises power and knowledge but, like all good things, comes at a cost. [continue reading]