ARC Review & Blog tour: Love From Mecca to Medina

Title: Love From Mecca to MedinaAuthor: S. K. AliRelease date: October 18, 2022Age-range/genre: Young Adult / Contemporary, RomanceTrigger warnings: referenced racism and islamophobiaSummary: [from goodreads] Adam and Zayneb. Perfectly matched. Painfully apart.Adam is in Doha, Qatar, making a map of the Hijra, a historic migration from Mecca to Medina, and worried about where his next paycheck will come from. … Continue reading ARC Review & Blog tour: Love From Mecca to Medina

ARC Review: The Dragon’s Promise

recommended for: fans of high fantasy, epic adventures, and exploring family & romantic relationships

The Dragon's Promise is a wonderful ending to the Six Crimson Cranes duology, full of magic and adventure. The novel has so much heart, making it a heartfelt story that plucks at heartstrings and concludes a great story.

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ARC Review: My Mechanical Romance

recommended for: fans of the rivals-to-lovers trope, strong female characters, girls in STEM, and cute romance novels

My Mechanical Romance was a wonderfully sweet (yet still angsty) contemporary novel that explores what it's like to be a teenage girl with an interest in the STEM field in a misogynistic world, how ambition is not something to be scared of, and how important it is to let go of other people's expectations. A mix of seriousness and fluff, it's a contemporary novel I adored reading.

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ARC Review: The Red Palace

recommended for: fans of historical fiction, clever mysteries, and a slow-burn romance.

The Red Palace is June Hur's third novel, and is an expertly woven mystery that incites both fear and excitement in the reader. Hur has outdone herself in this novel, creating a fantastic mystery that had me engaged the entire time. [continue reading]

ARC Review: Bright Ruined Things

recommended for: fans of magical settings, historical fiction with a splash of fantasy, stories with family drama, and unique retellings

Bright Ruined Things is a brilliantly paced retelling of The Tempest, set in the 1920s on an island run by the infamous Prosper family. Mae has always lived on the island, but has never felt like she belonged there. During a night of mayhem and mischief, everything changes - it's a story that had me entranced the whole way through. [continue reading]

ARC Review: When You Get The Chance

recommended for: fans of showtunes, musicals, rivals to lovers, and cute contemporary novels.

When You Get The Chance is Emma Lord's third novel, and as expected it was one I immensely enjoyed reading. Full of fun antics and family drama, this novel is able to mix Mamma Mia levels of drama with sincere moments and an adorable romance. Altogether, this is a great contemporary that you don't want to miss. [continue reading]

ARC Review: Grimrose Girls

recommended for: fans of dark fairy tale retellings, dark academia

The Grimrose Girls is a thrilling novel about friendship and solving murders. Described as Descendants meets Pretty Little Liars, you can definitely see the influences of the two, but this story is still fresh in its retelling of classic fairy tales. The book is able to mix the dread from the original Grimm Tales, while also containing some wholesomeness as seen in Disney's take on them, making it the best balance of fun and fear.[continue reading]