Review: True Crime Story

Recommended for: fans of mixed media and faux-interview style novels, mystery novels, and books like Sadie and I Hope You're Listening.

True Crime Story is an immersive fictional novel that follows writer Evelyn as she interviews the close friends and loved ones of missing person Zoe Nolan. The novel utilises an interview format, with a few emails and newspaper articles thrown in, to really engage the reader in the story.

For a story that sounds pretty simplistic, i.e a girl goes missing, her close ones realise they didn't know her as well as they thought, police can't figure out what happened, Knox is able to create a compelling narrative that had me so eager to follow to the very end. [continue reading]

Review: Wendy, Darling

Wendy, Darling explores the story of Wendy after she leaves Neverland and realises that it wasn't as picturesque as she originally thought. Suddenly she finds herself having to go back and confront her past when her daughter Jane is kidnapped by Peter and whisked away to Neverland. It's a novel with beautiful writing that puts a fascinating spin on an old classic in a refreshing way. [continue reading]

ARC Review: No Gods No Monsters

recommended for: fans of speculative and literary writing, urban fantasy and horror and books with wonderful social commentary

No Gods, No Monsters is a fascinating and complex story full of multifaceted characters, expansive worldbuilding, intriguing monsters and secret societies, and more. The novel is a mix of thriller, horror, fantasy, and social commentary, altogether making it an amazingly captivating novel. [continue reading]

ARC Review: The Devil Makes Three

recommended for: fans of dark academia, haunted libraries, meet-uglies to reluctant allies, and YA horror.

The Devil Makes Three is an impressive YA horror novel that mixes my favourite things, magic and dark academia and horror. It's hard to consider this a debut because it truly exceeded my expectations in an engaging plot and wonderfully creepy atmosphere, making it a superb horror novel. [continue reading]

Review: When All The Girls Are Sleeping

recommended for: people who love solving mysteries, true life paranormal stories, and dark academia vibes.

When All The Girls Are Sleeping is an amazing mystery that takes place in a prestigious boarding school, full of intrigue and ominous vibes, and touches on just what it's like to be a lost teenage girl trying to find her way in life. This is possibly one of the most compelling mysteries I've read this year, made for fans of mysteries who love putting the pieces together. [continue reading]

ARC Review: The Dead and The Dark

recommended for: fans of unsolved mysteries, paranormal stories, and books like Sadie and The Girls I've Been.

The Dead and The Dark is an artfully crafted thriller focusing on the small town of Snakebite where teens start to go missing. An unlikely team-up between our two protagonists Logan and Ashley leads to uncovering more about Logan's parents and the town's history than they expected. [continue reading]

Review: The Ghosts We Keep

The Ghosts We Keep is a moving and devastating story about our main character, Liam, dealing with the loss of their brother and all the things that come with grief and sadness from losing a loved one. The whole book is raw and genuine. Deaver says in the author's note that this is a personal story to them, and you can feel it on the page, in every moment of heartbreak, in every chapter. [continue reading]