ARC Review: I’m The Girl

Title: I'm The GirlAuthor: Courtney SummersRelease date: 13th September 2022Age-range/genre: Young Adult / Thriller, MysteryTrigger warnings: murder, sexual assault, adult/minor relationship, child abuse, drug use, references to death of a parentRating: 4/5 starsSummary: [from goodreads] When sixteen-year-old Georgia Avis discovers the dead body of thirteen-year-old Ashley James, she teams up with Ashley's older sister, Nora, to find and bring the … Continue reading ARC Review: I’m The Girl

ARC Review & Blog tour: Very Bad People

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Very Bad People!

recommended for: fans of dark academia novels, secret societies, and books like Truly Devious.

Very Bad People is a thrilling dark academia novel full of secret societies and family mysteries, and asks the important question: how far would you go for justice? [continue reading]

ARC Review: The Red Palace

recommended for: fans of historical fiction, clever mysteries, and a slow-burn romance.

The Red Palace is June Hur's third novel, and is an expertly woven mystery that incites both fear and excitement in the reader. Hur has outdone herself in this novel, creating a fantastic mystery that had me engaged the entire time. [continue reading]

Review: True Crime Story

Recommended for: fans of mixed media and faux-interview style novels, mystery novels, and books like Sadie and I Hope You're Listening.

True Crime Story is an immersive fictional novel that follows writer Evelyn as she interviews the close friends and loved ones of missing person Zoe Nolan. The novel utilises an interview format, with a few emails and newspaper articles thrown in, to really engage the reader in the story.

For a story that sounds pretty simplistic, i.e a girl goes missing, her close ones realise they didn't know her as well as they thought, police can't figure out what happened, Knox is able to create a compelling narrative that had me so eager to follow to the very end. [continue reading]