books that terrified me

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful October so far.

To keep on theme with the spooky season, I decided to make a list of books that really creeped me out. I know I've already made a post recommending books to read this season, but this list is specifically books that really creeped me out. [continue reading]

Review: True Crime Story

Recommended for: fans of mixed media and faux-interview style novels, mystery novels, and books like Sadie and I Hope You're Listening.

True Crime Story is an immersive fictional novel that follows writer Evelyn as she interviews the close friends and loved ones of missing person Zoe Nolan. The novel utilises an interview format, with a few emails and newspaper articles thrown in, to really engage the reader in the story.

For a story that sounds pretty simplistic, i.e a girl goes missing, her close ones realise they didn't know her as well as they thought, police can't figure out what happened, Knox is able to create a compelling narrative that had me so eager to follow to the very end. [continue reading]

books to read this scary season

Hello and happy October!

I know I know, another recommendation post for thrillers? It's Halloween soon, how could I resist in rounding up some scary reads for this fall. I've read some really wonderful thrillers/mysteries these past few months and I just had to collate them here and share.

I've tried to tailor the recommendations to be varied - for those who are easily frightened and want something lowkey, or what one with romance, or want a book filled with horror. Hopefully there'll be at least one book that catches your eye! [continue reading]

Review: Wendy, Darling

Wendy, Darling explores the story of Wendy after she leaves Neverland and realises that it wasn't as picturesque as she originally thought. Suddenly she finds herself having to go back and confront her past when her daughter Jane is kidnapped by Peter and whisked away to Neverland. It's a novel with beautiful writing that puts a fascinating spin on an old classic in a refreshing way. [continue reading]

october tbr – scaring myself silly

Hello everyone!

October is almost upon us, which means one important thing - it's almost Halloween. I'm not one for dressing up, but I do love some good scary movies and books, so I'm planning to read quite a few thrillers in October to hopefully get a good scare.

Considering how bad I am at sticking to to-read lists, this one is a bit short, especially because I have some rereads planned for October too. [continue reading]

6 things I learnt after 6 months of blogging

Hi friends!

Can you believe I've officially been blogging for over 6 months now? It went by just so quickly - March feels like it was just the other day.

I want to thank everyone who's sent a nice comment, given a like, or just stuck around. It's been such a joy hanging out in this blogging community. I've adored reading other people's posts and reading their views, and I feel like I've learnt so much.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the things I've learnt about blogging after all this time! Please note that these are just things specific to me, they're not really supposed to be tips since I'm not at all an accomplished blogger and am still learning the ropes.

Without further ado, here are 6 things I've learnt in my 6 months of blogging. [continue reading]

ARC Review: No Gods No Monsters

recommended for: fans of speculative and literary writing, urban fantasy and horror and books with wonderful social commentary

No Gods, No Monsters is a fascinating and complex story full of multifaceted characters, expansive worldbuilding, intriguing monsters and secret societies, and more. The novel is a mix of thriller, horror, fantasy, and social commentary, altogether making it an amazingly captivating novel. [continue reading]

ARC Review: The Devil Makes Three

recommended for: fans of dark academia, haunted libraries, meet-uglies to reluctant allies, and YA horror.

The Devil Makes Three is an impressive YA horror novel that mixes my favourite things, magic and dark academia and horror. It's hard to consider this a debut because it truly exceeded my expectations in an engaging plot and wonderfully creepy atmosphere, making it a superb horror novel. [continue reading]